General Information

The typical application for the M-Bus is the transmission of meter data. So, meters and sensors are the most common slaves sending their data. In some special applications there is also a demand for active controlling. Our MBUS-RELA4 deals with that.

It is an actuator for the M-Bus. One example is the feed-in management of decentralized renewable power plants. M-Bus is used for meter reading and controlling the energy flow at the same time.

The MBUS-RELA4 acts like a normal slave on the M-Bus. It can be controlled by the master according to EN 13757-2/-3. There are four bistable relays inside the device which are switching corresponding to the command form the master. For safety reasons, the relays can be read back and even during loss of communication or power the states of the relays are retained. The MBUS-RELA4 is a low power design. There is no external power supply. The device is completely powered by the M-Bus.