Flow Meter

Turbine flow meters

General Information

Turbine flow meters have exceptional mechanical linearity, resulting in minimizing, or negating, temperature induced viscosity influence. Meters come with national pipe thread (NPT) or flange process fittings, sizes up to two inches and can be ordered with a Blancett B3000 flow monitor to accommodate the requirements of most applications and flow ranges.


  • Increased usable flow range with less sensitivity to fluid temperature/viscosity effects
  • Exceptional speed-of-response, with reduced pressure drop
  • Ceramic bearings provide near-perfect roundness, higher Rockwell hardness and are lighter and more tolerant to temperature than 40C stainless steel bearings. They eliminate adhesive wear and perform well in non-lubricating liquids found in cryogenic fluids and water
  • Improved flow conditioning
  • Third party audits to ensure calibration uncertainty. Laboratory correlation to verify that all calibrators produce the same result


  • Expanded mechanical linearity 
  • Helical rotor design
  • High-performance ceramic ball bearings
  • 6-bladed rotor supports
  • Facility with NIST traceable standards


Size 1/4...2 in.

Temperature Range -150...300 °F

Flow Range 0.25...250 gpm

Pressure Range Up to 5922 PSI

Accuracy (with B3000 linearization) ± 0.25 %

(with K-factor only) ± 0.5 %


Petrochemical, Refining & Chemical Metering

Process or Industrial